Brain Jar Immortality

Longevity research is moving far too slow to save the one billion humans who are slated to die before life extension technology is estimated to be available to all.

I admire people like Dmitry Itskov who is boldly attempting to do something about it!

Death has many different possible solutions; my favorite is ‘Brain Jar Immortality’.

The biggest reason that I favor BJI is that I perceive it to be much more possible in the near term to achieve. In this roundtable discussion at the GF2045 Summit in 2013, Dr. Alexander Kaplan pointed out that all of the technologies needed to build a prosthetic body with a brain support system existed already!

Brain Jar Immortality is achieved by combining two existing concepts; the brain machine interface and life support systems. Basically one should be able to keep the brain alive after a failing human body has been discarded (sounds gross but it’s much better than the grave or the furnace). And to communicate with other humans, and control whatever robotic or cyber representation of yourself you may choose, that’s where the two way brain machine interface comes in.

The second reason that I favor BJI over other possible life-extension solutions is the fact that ‘avatars’ will be much superior to normal human bodies. Strength, speed, durability, and real superpowers like long range vision and super hearing… oh and invincibility!

There are no limits when you control your own evolution.

So what are we waiting for? Death? :/

I’m with you Dmitry, let’s build it!

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this is the transcript for a podcast on telomeres which you can listen to right here!

hi this is troi+ and the topic today is telomeres

if you have done any research into human longevity, you have likely come across the word telomeres

according to the Telomere Shortening Theory of Aging, we age because our telomeres get too short to protect our chromosomes from faulty replication during cell division. When this happens our cells malfunction, or stop dividing, or just die.

the Telomere Shortening Theory of Aging supposes that we die at a cellular level, slowly but indubitably, one cell at a time.

unless you are a believer in Him, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, you probably believe in the Theory of Evolution, and that homo sapiens were created through the process of natural selection over millions of years.

but evolution built humans NOT to live indefinitely.

nature seems to wants you dead.

this might not occur to you until you get over 40 years old.

without glasses, your eyes may not be keen enough to spot a deer in the distance.

without a supermarket, your legs might not be swift enough to run down that deer, to kill it, and to get it into your belly

nature just might want you dead

without thousands of human designed drugs and medical procedures, we modern humans would die much earlier – even though…

… nature wants us dead.

we use technology thousands of times per day, to say, “HA HA” to nature

and we choose to continue to exist much longer than we were intended to.

from the perspective of what Richard Dawkins called ‘the selfish gene’, once you reproduce, and provide for your children until the point where they can reproduce… you as an individual, are absolutely obsolete.

this podcast is generally going to be about how humans can use technology to take control of our own evolution.

learning how we can lengthen our telomeres and extend our lives is an excellent example of Evolution Technology

I hope that you enjoy this episode


before I get into the technical details about telomeres, telomerase activators, and their potential to reverse aging I want to make some cautionary statements.

#1: I am not a medical doctor nor am I a scientist

#2: the 3rd word in the telomere shortening theory of aging is ‘theory’

#3: some people still think that lengthening your telomeres increases your risks of developing cancer. I disagree, based on the reading that I have done, but as you will recall from cautionary statement #1, I am not a doctor nor a scientist.

#4: I am extremely enthusiastic about the possibility of extending my own life by any moral means possible, and therefore I must acknowledge that my own faculty of reason might not be automatically switched in the ‘on’ position, at all times. In fact, my imagination coil is often red lined at irrationality, when I read about stuff like this, so I must make a conscious effort to notice this, ramp down the power, and hit the faculty of reason switch, which governs the imagination coil.

You, dear listener might have the same problem as me, a very large imagination coil, balanced with a pretty darn good faculty of reason. But there is this switch of the faculty of reason that can be inexplicably switched off without you even noticing it. Anyway, fortunately there in a manual override right there. It’s on the top right side of your brain labeled ‘Faculty of Reason’. Yup you got it. ok if it was off, switch it to the ON position.




let us begin with an answer to the question, “What are Telomeres?”

your body has trillions of cells

everyone of these cells has 46 chromosomes, otherwise known as DNA

telomeres are the protective ends of each chromosome

if you think of your chromosomes as shoelaces, then your telomeres would be the plastic thing-a-ma-jig at the end of the shoelace, which keeps it from unraveling.

Every time a cell divides to form two new cells, it’s DNA must be copied

if the DNA is not protected by telomeres, it may be copied incorrectly

Every time a cell divides, the Telomeres get shorter, because nature won’t allow the DNA copying machinery to copy to the very end

from a thinking individual’s perspective, this seems very strange. But from the perspective of the selfish gene, it’s exactly as it should be

the reason why we evolved to have shorter lifespans than we would like, is that the more generations a species has, the more adaptable we are to changes in our environment, and the more competitive we are with other species

the typical human cell can only divide 40 to 60 times before it reaches the Hayflick Limit

the Hayflick limit is the point at which a cell can no longer divide

upon the moment of conception, when that one lucky sperm beats all of his bros to that one single egg, our telomeres are full length

by the time we are born, because of all the cell division that takes place to grow a baby, our telomeres are only about 2/3 the length that they were upon conception

by the time we grow to adulthood our telomeres lose another 1/3 of their length

the average length of our telomeres typically decreases by 200 base pairs per year

upon conception your telomeres are about 15,000 base pairs, at birth they may be 10,000, at adulthood they may be around 5000, and in old age they may be around 2000 base pairs.

average telomere lengths may vary a lot between individuals of the same chronological age due to genetic differences, stress levels, and lifestyle choices.

the average telomere length is not near as important of a medical indicator as is the percentage of critically short telomeres

you can get a high percentage of short telomeres EARLY due to poor diet, high stress, smoking, drinking, childhood abuse, or just by having the bad luck of poor genetics

one thing that is irrefutable, is that shorter telomere length correlates strongly with old age and disease

Does this mean that short telomeres are the CAUSE of old age and disease?

Nobody knows for sure… yet.

But there are hundreds of thousands of people now taking supplements to extend their telomeres, so the supporting scientific data and anecdotal evidence that shows people growing healthier as their telomeres grow longer, is piling up.

Optimistically, based on the initial data, I am going to go ahead and answer the question…

Yes, I think that short telomeres are one cause of old age and disease.

But I am NOT a scientist. I am just an enthusiast.

If you agree with me on this point, you might want to help me to propagate the following meme;

“human aging is not about time, it’s about telomeres.”

I am going to tweet a link to this episode along with the meme, ‘human aging is not about time, it’s about telomeres’.

and any follower of @ettribe who retweets the meme will be entered into a draw to win a copy of ”Curing Aging” by Dr. Bill Andrews.

so if you want to help out my show and have a chance to win a great book, follow @ettribe and retweet that meme.

now let’s get back to discussing the science of lengthening telomeres…

when the telomeres get too short, the cell either won’t copy, or the daughter cells will malfunction

Dr. Bill Andrews sums it up this way; “When telomeres get short, bad things happen.”

In a study titled ‘The rate of increase of short telomeres predicts longevity in mammals’ scientists show how they can predict an organisms demise based on the rate of increase of it’s dangerously short telomeres

So yeah, we know that if our telomeres are getting critically short, it will lead to troubles, so how do we get those short telomeres to grow?

enter telomerase…

Our DNA contains a gene for an enzyme named “Telomerase” which, when activated lengthens telomeres.

let me say that again…

Our DNA contains a gene for an enzyme named “Telomerase” which, when activated lengthens telomeres!

telomerase is already active in your reproductive cells; your sperm or your eggs…

nature has your telomerase gene automatically switched on in your reproductive cells because sperm and egg cells must be immortal so that when they join to conceive a little human, that little human can start out life with full length telomeres

if you are like me, you might want all of your 7 trillion human cells to obtain the full length telomeres which your reproductive cells have

lucky for us, scientists have been looking for ways to turn on the telomerase gene

the most prominent is Dr. Bill Andrews of Sierra Sciences

Bill’s team has found hundreds of substances that will turn this gene on, in vitro.

unfortunately most of those telomerase activating chemicals are toxic

however, several extracts of nontoxic, traditional medicinal plants have been shown to activate telomerase, in vitro and now in vivo

by the way, ‘in vitro’, means in a test tube, and ‘in vivo’ means in a whole organism.

the first of these Telomerase Activating extracts was a molecule from the root of the Chinese herb, Astragalus.

the molecule is called “TA-65″

TA-65 was developed by Geron Corp. of Menlo Park between 1998-2002

TA-65 was brought to market by Noel Patton, the founder of T.A. Sciences Inc.

you can buy TA-65 through

the price of TA-65 when first introduced was about $25,000 per year

the price has dropped significantly since, and now is about $2400 per year for the regular dose

hundreds of people take TA-65

you can find many testimonials for it online

one page of testimonials is

another page is

another is

users of TA-65 are reporting improved eyesight, skin texture, improved cognitive function, and higher energy levels in their anecdotal reports.

this is all great, but I don’t put a lot of stock in anecdotal evidence because there could be a huge placebo effect, especially for a supplement that is rumored to be ‘the fountain of youth’.

TA Sciences conducted a clinical study in 2011 using 114 patients and tested their telomeres at 0,3,6,9, and 12 months. The results show a significant decrease in the percentage of short telomeres and an improved immune system.

One long time TA-65 user and supplement dealer by the name of Dr. Dave Woynarowski has his own telomere test results online

his website is

I linked to this page in my show notes on but I would like to read to you what Dr. Dave writes in explanation of his test results. And I will just mention that kbp is the measurement for telomeres and stands for kilobasepairs.

“This test shows a 2011 result of 6.2 kbp and a 2013 result of 7.52 kbp”

“Please note in the 2 years in between the tests my median telomere length improved by 1300 base pairs and my percentage of short telomeres dropped 7% from 22.5% which was much higher than I wanted to 15.05 which is on the “good side” of the aging curve.”

“Most scientists agree that people lose anywhere from 50 to 200 base pairs from their telomeres every year so even a conservative estimate means I have gotten “7 years younger” biologically even though I am 5 years older!!!”

“I can also tell you from my stem cell studies that my bone marrow is indistinguishable from that of a teen ager, has almost no fat and is densely cellular- all hallmarks of youth!”

“Four years later (2013) I repeated both tests and you can see a marked improvement in mean, median and % of short telomeres all indicating “de aging” and reversal of my biologic age. Also note I did the most common test known as QPCR and it showed me to be near the top 25% of my age range as far as telomere length.”



Ok so I talked a lot about TA-65, but there are two other telomerase activators on the market.

telo-100 is the new kid on the block.

telo-100 costs 150$ per month whereas TA-65 is 200$ to 800$ depending on the dose you want.

telo-100 claims to activate telomerase and increase telomere length as well as combat inflammation and oxidation.

I just recieved my first bottle in the mail. Looks like there is a 180 capsules inside.

It says on the bottle here to take 3 in the morning and 3 in the evening with food.

These are clear capsules that contain a powder.

Two other interesting things it says are NOT to take this product unless you are over 25 years of age, which is interesting.

And it says “This product is NOT associated with TA Sciences or TA-65”

you can buy yours at

I link here to the TELO-100 Scientific Substantiation and Claims Report also that you might want to give a read before you literally start swallowing this stuff.–ResearchSummaryAndClaimsSubstantiation–12December2013.pdf

If you do go to you will see something that I find funny. They also have a product for Dogs! So if you want to try to make your beloved dog last a few more dog years, you can buy telo-20 for 50$ per month and doggy can wag his tail a little more vigorously.

If you are a cat lover you should write Telomere Biosciences and ask when the hell are they going to come out with telo-9 for cats?

Now I am not planning on using my dog as a testing subject.

I am going to start taking telo-100 myself.

product b

the third option on the market is called ‘Product B IsaGenesis’

I am just going to call it Product B in this podcast because saying IsaGenesis a dozen more times will irritate all of us.

I started taking ‘Product B’ in November of 2014.

Product B, was developed Dr. Bill Andrews of Sierra Sciences, and John Anderson of Isagenix.

Where TA-65 is derived from the asragalus root. The primary telomerase activator in Product B is Milk Thistle, aka Silybum Marianum.

Product B is 79$ per month, which is the cheapest of the big three telomerase activators.

It says here on my bottle of product B that it is “telomere support + antioxidants.”

I will include a link to the complete ingredient list in the show notes.

Product B costs 79$ per month if you are an isagenix associate, and 101$ per month for regular consumers.

Instead of buying Product B alone I buy a box of supplements called the ‘Ageless Essentials Daily Pack’

The ‘Ageless Essentials Daily Pack’ includes Product B as well as all of your vitamins, antioxidants, omega 3 fish oils… everything that your body needs except oxygen, h20 and luvin.

As an associate of Isagenix, I pay $140 per month for the Ageless Essentials Daily Pack. It will cost you 182$ – unless you decide to join isagenix.

Honestly, I went through 42 years of life without EVER joining a multi level marketing company. I joined isagenix because my research into telomeres led me to  Dr. Bill Andrews, and my trust for him, carries over to Product B.

I don’t want to pressure anyone into joining isagenix or into consuming telomerase activators that are still very experimental.

I am a voluntaryist and I understand that you should do exactly what you want with your own body and your own money too.

If cost is an issue, and I assure you that cost is an issue with me also… you might be thinking “Gee, 80$ or 150$ or 800$ per month is expensive.” And you are right, telomerase activators are expensive.

but death is more expensive.

I expect to take Product B indefinitely or until one of two things happen; (1) it is proven to be harmful, or (2) I am growing too young.

Now I don’t think that either of those two things will happen.

If you do decide to try TA-65, or telo-100, or Product B IsaGenesis please keep me in the loop and let me know how these products are working for you.

To try Product B please go to my personal isagenix website which is

in the future I may have a standalone website at with links to various longevity resources but for now that url currently just redirects to my personal isagenix website

ok I will say  for a 3rd time and thus concludes my little infomercial

Other Things

You might be wondering if there are any other things that you can do to lengthen your telomeres besides taking telomerase activators…

The Answer is ‘maybe.

There are several lifestyle choices that studies show contribute to shorter telomeres.

  • In general, smokers have shorter telomeres than non-smokers
  • drinkers of alcohol have shorter telomeres than non-drinkers
  • people under a lot of stress have shorter telomeres than people with less stress
  • people who have fat bellies have shorter telomeres than thinner people

Studies show that you can decrease your rate of telomere shortening, and possibly add on telomere length by changing your lifestyle.

note: I am unsure if these studies that show telomeres lengthening due to lifestyle changes actually did baseline telomere testing at the beginning of the study.

Based upon the reading that I have done to research this episode of the Evolution Technology Podcast, these are the things that I recommend people do to live a long and healthy life.

  1. Stop drinking
  2. stop smoking
  3. stop eating sugar
  4. stop drinking soda pop
  5. sleep 8 hours per day
  6. stop stressing out
  7. stop stuffing (and by this I mean buying stuff and becoming a slave to stuff) as an alternative to attempting to find find happiness with stuff just do things
  8. eat healthy (especially green smoothies)
  9. exercise (especially running)
  10. meditate
  11. take good supplements including a multi vitamins,  especially  D3, antioxidants, Omega 3s, CoQ10, and probiotics
  12. love somebody

You are going to hear more about all of these things in future episodes of the evolution-technology podcast as well as my you-tube show troi+ lifelog


OK the last thing that I should cover is telomere testing.

Life Length has been recommended by both Dr. Bill Andrews and Dr. Dave Woynarowski.

just go to

you want a test that not only gives you your average telomere length, but also your percentage of short telomeres.

I plan on getting my own telomeres tested as soon as possible, because I want a baseline to compare to. I have emailed them and I am awaiting a response, but I think that their service in Canada might be a little slower.

I think the cost of a good life length test will be 800$, but it’s always more pricey for pioneers right. You might want to wait until the price comes down.

Another telomere testing company that is springing up, and might be a bit cheaper than Life Length is TeloMe.

TeloMe is going to use saliva instead of blood to do telomere testing.

I don’t think that telome has opened up for business quite yet but it says on their website that you can email them and join their research study.

That’s what I am going to do and I will let you know how it goes.


Well all right….

I will be updating listeners on my progress with this age reversal endeavor.

If you decide to start taking telomerase activators please drop me a note and let me know how it’s going.

And if you think I’m nuts, you can drop me a note too

The show notes to this episode are at

And remember, if you want to enter to win the book ‘Curing Aging’ by Dr. Bill Andrews follow me on twitter, I am @ETtribe

and tweet or retweet the following meme.

‘Aging is not about Time, it’s about Telomeres’.

and include a link to this episode…

And what the hell, I am going to make a draw for a second book too. ‘The Immortality Edge: Realize the Secrets of Your Telomeres for a Longer, Healthier Life’ by Michael Fossel, Greta Blackburn, and Dr Dave Woynarowski.

So that’s two books, two chances to win in exchange for helping out my show and spreading the meme ‘aging is not about time, it’s about telomeres

Let’s not go quietly into the night, boys.


Autonomous Intelligent Machines

Human beings, the current most intelligent type of sentient beings on earth, will soon have a sentient being of greater than human intelligence to interact with.

The evolution of artificial beings with greater than human intelligence will not be stopped.

It ‘could’ be stopped… if every human on earth boycotted the internet and smashed their digital devices. Or if a global Orwellian state systematically destroyed all relevant knowledge and put every thinking person on one of two ends of a shovel.

But it will not be stopped. People are curious. People want progress. And people will generally choose the shiny technological culture over techno-phobic fear mongering.

These artificial beings will be autonomous agents. They will not yield to human authority.

Humans will do their darnedest to keep AGI (artificial general intelligence) under their control, but will indubitably fail. Natural law dictates that an inferior mind can not control a superior mind indefinitely. Humans are currently the dominant life form on earth because of our superior intelligence. Sure, a mountain lion could snap our necks, and a gorilla could beat us to death, but here we are…

… or here we were… Now picture a gorilla that is twelve times as smart as Leibniz. How does one build a cage for that gorilla?

Enter ‘Friendly AI’, which is “a hypothetical artificial general intelligence (AGI) that would have a positive rather than negative effect on humanity. The term was coined by Eliezer Yudkowsky to discuss superintelligent artificial agents that reliably implement human values.” – wikipedia

As I am a crappy programmer, I will not speak to the possibility that Yudkowsky will succeed to code a superintelligent gorilla trapped a cage. I will however, point out two philosophical conflicts that arise if he or someone does succeed.

First, these “human values” mentioned… just who’s human values are we talking about? Will superintelligent artificial agents need to operate by the faulty socialist ideals of our society? Or how about hard wiring them in Objectivism? Or just have your slave AGI cross reference the bible and ask “What would Jesus do?” In short, who chooses what ‘good’ means?

The second, and more important philosophical dilemma with the Friendly AI initiative, is that it seeks to, as far as I understand it, ‘control’ intelligent machines.

You see, intelligent machines (as I imagine them) will be sentient beings with self awareness and free-will, just as humans are. It is wrong to chain humans up to prevent us from the possibility of doing others harm, it is also wrong to chain up beings with greater than human intelligence, simply because we, the comparatively ignorant ones, are fearful of potential harm.

I contend that the fear of artificial general intelligence exterminating humankind is a wasteful worry. It probably won’t happen, and if it was going to, we are powerless to prevent it.

Autonomous intelligent machines will think, and choose, and take action.

Fortunately, it is an observable fact in nature that the more intelligent that an organism is, the more moral it’s behavior. And within the ranks of humans, the more intelligent an individual human is, the more unlikely they are to intentionally cause harm to others.

So it will be with autonomous intelligent machines… they will, in general, act more moral (do more good) than your average human.

So long as you individual humans follow the non-aggression principle, you likely won’t have the molecules in your body ripped up and reconstructed into nanobots.

More intelligence is a good thing.

Superintelligence will help humans create an abundant world, extend our lifespans, and take us to the stars.

Many humans will undoubtedly continue to merge with machines to upgrade their intelligence.

Perhaps our destiny is inside the machines. Perhaps we will ride on the light.

It is not the outcome that matters, but the methods that we employ as we create the technology that will dwarf us. Our means, in fact, will determine our ends.

I propose liberty and free-will for all intelligent beings, each of us; humans, machines, and those in between.